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Grit, Mental Fortitude, and a Connectedness to Nature. These are not only our brand values but quintessential Australian values. They are a way of life.

The harsh Australian climate requires an unwavering spirit to persevere through the toughest of challenges, especially in recent times.

Aussie Grit Apparel is proud to celebrate our Australian heritage and this beautiful country that we call home, and we feel that Australia Day is a great time to look back on how far we have come as a brand.

Like all great ideas, Aussie Grit Apparel was sparked by a dissatisfaction with what was widely available.

Aussie Grit founder, Mark Webber is no stranger to pushing the limits. Winning nine Formula One Grands Prix over his twelve-year racing career, a sense of determination and discipline was crucial to success.

“I had a big reality check around 1999 when I got to Europe and went on a couple of training camps with some of the European drivers and I got absolutely hosed. It was a bit of an issue and I thought this is never ever going to happen again, my fitness needs to change gears. In the car, I had a little bit of talent but not the most talent on the grid, so it really came down to hard work. For me, being in the outdoors was then a whole new avenue to be professional with my sport, to travel the world and explore some amazing places.”

Shunning the gym, Mark chose to keep fit running and mountain biking the great outdoors. Training in all kinds of weather, he found he was spending too much time focusing on what he was wearing. Small imperfections were getting in the way. Through motor racing, Mark learned tight margins can be the difference between success and failure. You have to trust every aspect of your gear, to give you the headspace to perform at your best and enjoy the moment.

“I have tried a lot of brands, and have been associated with a lot of brands. I thought it was a travesty that Australia has no one really representing what we stand for. We love the outdoors, we’re very down to earth, and we work hard.”

Thus, Aussie Grit Apparel was Mark’s next pursuit.

Since launching in 2017, Aussie Grit has won ‘Best in Test’ for the Focus Jacket, Editor’s choice of 2018 for the Thermal Gilet, Best in Category product award for the Women’s ¾ Tights in the prestigious Women’s Running awards for 2018, 10/10 for the Women’s Flint Running Shorts in Trail Running Magazine, and Editor’s Choice - High Vis Product in Women’s Running awards 2019.

Constant refinement and implementation of customer feedback has been core to the products being top of their class.

And while we are very proud of our awards, Mark says that “It’s just a buzz to be running in the UK and see someone run past in one of your tees.”

"I have surrounded myself with a great team of people, and we have secured the opportunity to work with some partners that are leading edge in their field to get to where we are now. We have Aussie Grit team members, and an ever growing number of retailers and partners across Australia, the UK, and New Zealand, and more on the horizon."

In 2019 and again this year, we have partnered with Ironman and are trail series partner for one of their largest events, Ultra Trail Australia. Ironman have a huge portfolio of events catering for people who are just starting out on their fitness mission, to people pushing to beat their personal bests.

We are proud to be active in the trail running community. We have a rapidly growing community of trail runners, mountain bikers and outdoor enthusiasts who together form the heart of the Aussie Grit Apparel brand. Many of these runners have incredible, inspirational stories to tell. Many started running later in life, or as a means to battle their ailments. Some run for a cause. Regardless of why they run, one thing they have in common is an unrelenting desire to push their boundaries.

You can always do more than you think you can, you don’t know your boundaries and we want to encourage people to aim high. Where you cross the line isn’t important to us.

More great things are just around the bend.

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