Aussie Grit Runs with the ‘Escape Artists’ at Wild Earth

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On Saturday morning, a group of Gold Coast trail runners joined Aussie Grit founder, Mark Webber for an early trail run to kick off their weekend. Meeting at Wild Earth in Burleigh Heads, the group snaked their way up through the bush, returning for a light breakfast and Q&A with Mark.

Sharing some insight into the inspiration behind Aussie Grit Apparel, Mark discussed the brand.

“I had a reality check around 1999 when I went on a couple of training camps and realised that my fitness needed to change gears. For me, being in the outdoors was a whole new avenue to be professional with my sport, to travel the world and explore some amazing places. Having the opportunity to meet like-minded people who love getting outdoors. You don’t know your boundaries and we touched on that today during the run. People like doing ultras today who never thought they would do an ultra. That was how it came about.

“With all of the people I met along the way, hanging out with many of the top athletes all around the world, I learned that their gear was often breaking down in the wash, the fabrics weren’t great. The Aussie Grit gear is an extension of what we believe in and stand for as a brand. We are very proud and happy with the feedback and awards that we have won with some of our garments which is mind blowing for us as a small team. It’s a buzz to be running in the UK and see someone run past in one of your tees.

“This is exactly what we are about, we are about the people, hitting the trails and just getting out there. Trusting the equipment, just forgetting about it, put it on and go. We believe in it and we are invested in the gear to be the next level up in terms of ruggedness and toughness.”

Mark ran in the Aussie Grit Lime Light Speed Tee and the Men’s Accelerate Short.

The Wild Earth community, also known as “escape artists”, are enthusiastic and the team have a wealth of experience and expertise. They strive to make a genuine difference through encouraging growth in individuals, teams, and society by igniting and sustaining a passion for the outdoors.

Thank you to everyone who joined us and congratulations to Owen Peters who won an entry to the sold-out Ultra Trail Australia 2020.

We will share the story behind Owen’s journey with running and his UTA preparation in an upcoming blog.



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