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They say that the Leadville 100 MTB is the “race of all races”. It’s a 100-mile track across the beautiful and extreme terrain of the Colorado Rockies at an event that was created only for the most determined athletes with pure grit.

But what happens when your training regime isn’t everything that you hoped for? When life and travel and multiple priorities mean that you haven’t been able to train as much as you’d like and the starting line is looming?

This has been the challenge for Mark Webber this year who, amidst a busy Summer work schedule in Europe, will ride in Leadville Colorado on August 11.

“Motorsport continues to give and a lot of my active motor racing contracts have continued on even though I’m not driving any more. I never envisaged off the back of a little bit of TV work, which I’ve enjoyed so far, the amount of opportunities that would come my way. This requires in the height of Summer for example, about 15 flights a month,” Webber said.

“It’s challenging and engaging and I’m learning a tremendous amount since stepping out from behind the wheel.

“The life/fun and work balance is providing me with another big learning curve and there’s no question about it, when I have the opportunity to get outdoors, I do. But nowhere near for the extended period of time as was possible when I was racing. Every week I try to redress this but unsuccessfully.”

Despite a challenging schedule, Webber said that he is determined to fit in as much training as possible in the lead up to the Leadville MTB 100 and that he is excited about the upcoming challenge.

“It’s not something I’m proud of but when I’m on the road travelling for business, the hotel gym is my friend, and I will squeeze in a session on a static bike. Off-road cycling is difficult to do when I’m travelling as much as I am at the moment but I do try and get outdoors to run, preferably on a trail rather than tarmac.

“Our Aussie Grit Apparel range is perfect, I can take three of four items with me and I’m covered for any conditions.

“Check my little video – building my climbing legs, 2,400 metres. And it’s not pretty, it’s slow …”

We will be announcing a new Aussie Grit Competition in the next Leadville update so stay tuned to our blog.

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