Yoga For Runners at Ultra Trail Australia 2020

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Yoga is a great tool to boost both physical and mental health.

Hannah and Allison, aka The Sydney Trail Sisters, are ultra trail runners who believe yoga is an important part of their training.

Yoga for runners can focus on specific muscles and joints that are prone to injuries often associated with high volume running, and includes movements useful in getting rid of niggles.

Allison & Hannah incorporate their experience in both Yin & Yang yoga to design a series of poses aimed towards pressurizing specific tissues/joints and increasing blood flow which can help make them stronger and improve mobility without the fatigue or stress of an intense flow type yoga.

Yoga also boasts a host of benefits for mental health; connecting body to breath. There’s nothing quite like yoga to get you centered, take time to reflect on your journey & reduce any pre-race jitters.

After hosting an extremely successful Yoga event at Tarawera Ultramarathon 2020, The Sydney Trail Sisters will be again guiding us through our poses at Ultra Trail Australia 2020.

Come & join The Sydney Trail Sisters at Yoga For Runners, UTA2020.

This is a free event hosted by The Sydney Trail Sisters and Aussie Grit Apparel. All levels are welcome!

More details to be announced closer to the event.

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